Our Culture

It takes a team to bring software solutions to life. That's why we've brought together a diverse community of people who respect each other and work together to deliver excellence.

FOCUS on the CUSTOMER “Put the customer at the core of all we do whether they are internal or external”

  • We put our customers, both internal and external, at the core of everything we do.
  • We listen to understand our customers’ needs and challenges, and make working with us easy.
  • We provide solutions that solve customers’ business issues and support their digital transformation.
  • We deliver customer-centered innovation to bridge the old and the new.
  • We enable our customers to extract a return from prior investments and protect what is valuable to them.

TEAM and TEAMING “Do your job on the team and hold each other accountable”

  • Every one of us has a valued voice. What each of us do and say matter.
  • We treat each other, our customers and partners with respect, recognizing successes.
  • We value the openness, inclusion, and diversity of our people, resulting in better decision-making and outcomes.
  • We team together and hold each other accountable to do our own job and allow others to do theirs.
  • Our uniqueness helps us execute and win together as one nimble, connected, global team.

DECIDE and ACT “Be confident to make the call based on imperfect information”

  • We deal with ambiguity and have the courage to decide and act on the available information.
  • We win in the right way, balancing short and long term plans and by getting it done and doing it right.
  • We have the discipline and focus to do what we say we’re going to do, as individuals and as a team.
  • We prioritize to achieve our goals.
  • We go the extra mile, align with each other, and focus on the outcome.

LEARN and ADAPT “Continuous improvement is the goal, not perfection”

  • We demonstrate action over perfection.
  • We simplify, remove bureaucracy, and work to continuously improve, balancing weight and scale with agility, speed and efficiency.
  • We invest in our skills and seek feedback from others to continuously improve.
  • We take appropriate risks, and learn and adapt when we make mistakes.
  • We do what is ethical and right for the business today while continuing to build for tomorrow.

Taking our Customers into Tomorrow

Micro Focus strives as an organization to reflect the globally diverse audience that our software serves. Diverse perspectives, ideas, and cultural benefits are critical to the development of quality products and services.

Micro Focus fosters diversity through recruiting outreach programs, community-based career fairs, university career centers and internships, and graduate student programs.

Our Resource Groups

Our Employee Resource Groups are volunteer communities that collectively ignite our culture, fuel the values of our company, and support our global community.

  • Black Employee Network

    Black Employee Network

    BEN is committed to promoting career and leadership development opportunities with a focus on employees who self-identify as Black or African-American.

  • DataGals


    DataGals seeks to provide opportunities for networking, mentoring, volunteering, and learning to women working in Big Data.

  • PRIDE Network

    PRIDE Network

    PRIDE provides support, networking opportunities, and activities that raise awareness about the LGBT+ community here at Micro Focus.

  • Shine


    SHINE seeks to unite, inspire, and empower women to reach their full potential, both personally and professionally.

  • Veterans Employee Resource

    Veterans Employee Resource

    The Veterans Employee Resource Network is made up of employees who have served in the Armed Forces and their Allies. Their mission is to support Veterans and Veteran causes, and aid in the recruitment, transition, and retention of new Veteran hires.

  • Your Employee Network

    Your Employee Network

    YEN is for the young and young at heart. Our group seeks to empower and support employees by providing meaningful professional development, learning, and growth opportunities.

  • Hispanic Employee Network

    Hispanic Employee Network

    The Hispanic Employee Network is dedicated to educating and connecting Micro Focus to the Latino/Hispanic community, while providing professional development and networking opportunities for members and allies.

  • Pan Asian Employee Network

    Pan Asian Employee Network

    The Pan Asian Employee Network is dedicated to promoting awareness of Asian cultures through networking opportunities and events designed to enhance the professional and personal development of its members.

  • Accessibility Network

    Accessibility Network

    The Accessibility Network is committed to helping Micro Focus enhance accessibility and support experiences for customers and employees, as well as providing information and networking opportunities for employees dealing with disabilities of their own or others.

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